Critiques of Karen Harvey’s Books

Bon Summers

Ancient City Book Sellers (Owner)

Of all the St. Augustine historical books, I sell more of Karen Harvey’s (especially her St. Augustine pictorial history), than any one … and we stock many titles.


Sandy Craig

Tour Saint Augustine, Inc. (Owner and President)

The information in all of Karen Harvey’s books gives us the chance to develop characters to interweave with historic interpretations. We recommend her books to our guides as a primary source of historic material so they can provide a more interesting and informative presentation.

Kathy Fleming

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, Inc. (Director)

With a combination of historic subject matter like light keeper’s lore and Karen Harvey’s wonderful energetic writing style you can’t miss with Daring Daughters or any of her books.

Carol Lopez-Bradshaw

Menorcan Cultural Society (President)

Karen Harvey’s contribution toward the preservation of the history of the Minorcans of Florida is found in her books St. Augustine and St. Johns County: A Pictorial History and Daring Daughters. Oldest Ghosts, St. Augustine Haunts is a delightful book for those who want to read about sightings here in the Oldest City. Her books not only educate the reader — they entertain.

Kenneth Beeson

Historian, Educator, and Businessman (Former Mayor of St Augustine)

Karen’s pictorial history of St. Augustine and St. Johns County was the first broad stroked presentation of photos and stories of almost all the families descending from the New Smyrna colonists. As a Minorcan and historian I was thrilled to see the coverage. I have to admit I also enjoyed Oldest Ghost which includes my tale of the paranormal.

Michael V. Gannon

Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (1980), Professor of History at Univ. of Florida

Within the pages of her volume Karen Harvey has produced a photographic story of the city, the best in my judgment that has been done. Her book is a fine addition to the St. Augustine bookshelf.

Robert W. Harper

Lightner Museum (Executive Director)

Harvey’s first effort at recording St. Augustine’s rich past has become a classic for anyone interested in St. Augustine’s developing history. It is a must read for everyone seeking knowledge of the city – both past and present.

Taryn Rodriguez-Boette

St. Augustine Historical (Society Executive Director)

The actions of these courageous women help shape the history of St. Augustine … It is a must read for all interested in St. Augustine, Florida and women’s history.

Carol Elliott

First Coast Entertainer

This is a book full of intrigue … there is a hint of the supernatural in the chapter about daring daughter Abbie Brooks with a “mystery still left to be solved.”

Nadia Ramoutar

Professor Flagler College (Author)

Karen Harvey has done such a wonderful job of bringing the women from St. Augustine’s past into the present. So many books and museums completely overlook the essential role women played in the establishment of St. Augustine. Their contributions were so significant and yet they have been downplayed until now. Karen is a great historian and wonderful storyteller.

This book is a celebration of her attention to detail, research and retelling some very important tales otherwise forgotten or dismissed. Congratulations Karen and thank you for bringing Daring Daughters center stage where they belong!

William R. Adams

Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (1977-1985 Director), Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism (2002 Director)

The contents of this volume represents the first published results of the (Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board) survey and one of the few histories of St. Augustine that speaks about decades which in this Ancient City are often considered modern times.

David Nolan

Author and Historian

The survey out of which this book grew was the first serious look at the historic architectural treasures of St. Augustine beyond the “same old, same old” handful of colonial buildings. Mining the pages of Karen Harvey’s work will enable you to really appreciate the richness of our built environment.

Harry Stafford

Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Tour (Director)

Karen Harvey’s Oldest Ghosts: St. Augustine Haunts comprises a fascinating collection of ghostly encounters in the nation’s oldest city. Its often firsthand accounts evoke the sense that you are listening directly to local folk narrating their own unique, hair-raising episodes.

John and Cindy Stavely

Ghosts Tours of St. Augustine (Director)

The guests on our tours are intrigued by Oldest Ghosts as it features actual ghostly experiences by tour guides and guests alike as they hear the stories of St. Augustine’s most notorious former residents. Karen Haravey creates a “Realness” to the old stories and their characters as you read about recent occurrences experienced here in St. Augustine.

Dr. John A. Hunter

Memorial Presbyterian Church (Pastor)

Florida’s First Presbyterians weaves together the lesser known history of the pioneer Presbyterians of 1824 with the better known story of the grand sanctuary in which we worship today. It ia an excellent way to look deeper into the history of Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Katherine Dvornick

Florida Heritage Book Festival

We are so Proud!! Karen’s new book on St. Augustine in the 21st century took first prize in the historical segment of the Royal Palm FWA (Florida Writers Association) annual conference.

Margo Pope

Retired editor The St. Augustine Record

Karen’s book is a significant marker for our city’s history.

Marilyn Wiles

Enterprising Women’s Leadership Institute

We are so Proud!

Jessica Clark

Anchor First Coast News, NBC Channel 12/ABC Channel 25

It was so good to see you the other night and I’m so glad my dad was able to meet you and John. My dad told me he truly enjoyed meeting you.
I gave the book to my dad and he loved it.
As I looked through it, I just started crying. You did a marvelous job! I love this city so much and you captured what I love about it.
With almost every turn of the page, I said, “I covered that,” “I know about that,” “That’s my city.” You captured today’s St. Augustine!